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My research is about modeling and analyzing  of complex systems. The motivation of this work is automatic control on highway system.

One of my researches is to model this complex system for controller synthesis use, our team (MoVe, Lip6) proposed a modeling language VeriJ, which takes a subset of Java and a small set of controller synthesis elements as its own syntax. About the semantics, we managed to transform a Java program to a VeriJ model and then from VeriJ model to FSM model. Both of the transformations are coded in the language ATL. At the moment, we are trying to use Pushdown System (PDS). If you want to know more, please go to VeriJ.

About controller synthesis, we have done some work using Ramadge and Wonham (RW)-framework. To deal with the problem of state explosion in the procedure of checking controllability, we used Hierarchical DDD as data structure.

Friendly Links

Coloane: a eclipse-based editor dedicated to system modeling using different formalisms such as Petri Nets and FrameKit.

LibDDD/ITS: tools built using libDDD for model checking of Petri Nets with some extensions.

Modisco: to provides and extensible framework to develop model-driven tools to support use-cases of existing software modernization.

ATL: A language for model transformation.